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Handmade crystal decorative piece.

Designed by Orfeo Quagliata (USA).

Handmade crystal decorative piece , achieved by handcutting and polishing each one to ensure its uniqueness. Available in 3 sizes.

Giant: Ø 24,000cm, W 24,000cm, H 40,000cm, 13,000,000g
Medium: Ø 15,000cm, W 15,000cm, H 20,000cm, 2,500,000g
Small: Ø 9,500cm, W 9,500cm, H 11,000cm, 700,000g

Ø=Diameter, W=Width, H=Height

All products are handmade and are not always in stock, therefore these are our production times according to the processes involved. Any change or adjustment in delivery times will be notified in writing.

Table Top : 3 weeks
High Design : 5 - 7 weeks
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